CellularLD for Small Business
  • MOBILESPHERE is a wonderful service. I was sketchy of it at first, but now I really like to use the service. Keep up the good work. The customer service reps are friendly too.

  • Speed Dial is great. I don't have to remember phone numbers anymore.

  • I like MobileSphere because of its convenience. I can call from my cell phone without entering any pin number.

  • I am amazed at the international rates I have used in the last few days.

  • I love MobileSphere's calling card feature. It makes calling to my friends and family in Europe easier since the rates are better, the plan easy to manage thus giving me more time to actually talk without worrying for the bill.

  • This service provides excellent convenience by being able to use it from the cell phone. It is a great idea.

  • Thanks for your help keeping in touch with my friend in Britain. I think the speed dial feature is great when calling from a cell phone; it saves time and I don't have to carry around all the numbers I want to dial.

  • I love the online auto-recharge.

  • Thank you for making my first call to my beloved friend in Belgium so easy! I was connected so quickly and received great service from my cell phone. Who would have thought?

  • Overall I am very pleased with the quality of service and have no plans of changing services any time soon--keep up the good work!

  • I really, really like this service. It is extremely easy to use, and I take advantage of it often. I plan on having my family sign up for it when I go abroad. Thanks!

  • Thank you!

  • I just wanted to say that I have been using Cellular LD for a couple of months now and it's great! I'm saving a ton of money over what I used to pay through MCI.

  • The service seems too good to be true.

  • YOUR service is great! Charges are clear and concise. Keep up the feature of letting people know what the charge is, ahead of time! Thanks

  • I used it last night to call japan, and I must say that I'm very impressed with the reception quality. There wasn't the usual lag I experience when using land line based overseas calls, and it sounded crystal clear.


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CellularLD™ for Small Business

CellularLD is a consumer service offered by MobileSphere to individuals that want to place cost effective international wireless long distance calls.

In response to our individual customers who have requested to use the service for their small business, MobileSphere is now proud to offer CellularLD for Small Business.

This solution provides small-to-medium-sized companies with wireless international long distance and worldwide corporate calling card services. Utilizing MobileSphere's service, corporate users can place highly cost-efficient wireless international long distance and calling card calls when traveling, commuting, or working away from the office. The service provides savings of up to 70% on direct dial international wireless calling and 40%-50% over corporate calling card solutions. MobileSphere's network can be accessed seamlessly from a registered mobile or home phone, and from hotel and pay phones using our calling card feature in up to 92 countries worldwide.

Designed with your small business in mind, your company will receive the following benefits:

  • Sign up to 25 employees on 1 Account
  • Discounted international rates
  • Seamless calls from a registered cell phone, office or home, and from a hotel or pay phone using our calling card feature.
  • Advanced enterprise billing software
  • Online account management & activation
  • Real time billing & call detail records on-line
  • Access to the MobileSphere network from 92 countries worldwide

To sign up click here or the Sign up Now tab above.

For more information, send an e-mail smallbusiness@mobile-sphere.com.