CellularLD Applications

CellularLD Apps for iPhone & Android

With our CellularLD feature, you can simply register your mobile phone number with us and place seamless (No PIN required) international calls from your mobile phone. Now with our CellularLD applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile, you don't even have to dial the access phone number. With a touch of a button, you can use CellularLD to call your friends and family overseas. CellularLD smartphone Apps work for calls made from the U.S. only.

Not a CellularLD Customer? No Problem! Download the app and place a free call, on us!

CellularLD for iPhone

Once you download and install the CellularLD app, sign in to the app with your registered cell phone number. Then either choose a contact to dial or enter a number to dial. The app will place your call using your CellularLD account credits.




CellularLD for Android

Once you download and install our Android app, either dial an international phone number or choose it from your contacts as you normally would. The CellularLD App will detect the international phone number and offer to re-route it through the CellularLD platform.